Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Holocaust Hoax Mega-post

*Introduction to the Holocaust Hoax
*Introduction to Holocaust revisionism video 
*Introduction to the Holohoax
*It Was All a Lie 
*Could there be anything more twisted than these Holocaust fantasists? How more and more people are making up memoirs about witnessing Nazi crimes.
*Hard Facts of The Holocaust
*Holocaustianity - Zionism's Big Lie
*Holocaust, Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid? 
*The Last Days of the Big LIE
*The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax
*The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth 
*The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax  
*Treblinka was No Extermination Camp Just Transit Station  
*The Holocaust Hoax Exposed 
*Dr. Josef Mengele - March 16, 1911 – February 7, 1979 
*Auschwitz the missing cyanide
*Holocaust History - Dr. Frederick Toben 
*The Day Amazon Murdered Holocaust History  
*Holocaust Handbooks         *Holocaust Books 
*Holocaust Handbooks collection free at Internet Archive 
*SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 
*"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it" 
*Holocaust Revisionism 
*What is the "Holocaust" story really all about? 
*Made in Russia 'The Holocaust' Carlos Whitlock Porter 
*The Holocaust Testimonies You DIDN'T Hear 
*Deanna Spingola talks about the holocaust 
*Judea Declares War on Germany video
*Holohoax Survivors Tell theTruth 
*Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom and Deanna Spingola discussion 
*Mark R. Elsis and Deanna Spingola discussion  
*Hans Krampe and Deanna Spingloa discussion 
*Fritz Paul Berg and Deanna Spingola discussion 
*Fritz Paul Berg Holohoax Interviews 
Jim Rizoli - The Holocaust Scam Videos 
*Hellstorm - Full Video Documentary 
*Firestorm over Dresden 
*The Real Holocaust 
*Holocaust Question 
*The Persecution of Revisionists 
*Ernst Zundel - Setting the Record Straight 
*Never Been Disturbed 

Pre and post war encyclopedia and world almanacs show there are not missing 6 million jews. Typhus killed the prisoners not gas. Thousands died in the camps not millions.
World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 -- world Jewish population = 15,748,091, with 240,000 in Germany
American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 -- 15,600,000
World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population -- 15,319,359
World Almanac USA, 1947, pg. 748: World Jewish Population -- 15,690,000
World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population -- 15,713,638
Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA 1951 -- 15,300,000
Forensic evidence shows no sign of Zyklon-B in any alleged gas-chambers for people.