Sunday, April 3, 2016

New Nationalist Revolt with Mike Sledge 4/3/2016

Mike discusses the basic truths that have been left behind in alternative media. The cultural Marxist red state stealth attack. Plus pro-life feminism and more on the immigration war against western civilization.




Unknown said...

hey mikle....are you still the giggling drunk you were at oracle? Do you still pass out on air?

Unknown said...

What is this bullshit, t brad? Did you even listen to the show. This was one of Mike's best. In fact, they just keep getting better.

The Persian Drum said...

Mike Sledge's fantastic exposé of the cucked 'Conservative's' shrewd brand of feminism / communism was truly a revelation -- very well presented and argued in a way that I had never heard before. Mike really has made a spectacular comeback -- I look forward to his newly incarnated programs every time!

Unknown said...

some of you noobs crack me up. you have not a clue of some of these hosts past history. gulible goyum that will jump on any bandwagon.

The Persian Drum said...

@ t brad

Most of us who have migrated from Mami's and Renegade over to WHOOLI'S are well aware of Mike's past record -- he's even spoken about it himself.

We are also aware of the Jewish plants, Hasbara, shills and trolls, such as yourself, who seek to divide and destroy.

There is redemption for the likes of Mike Sledge -- and he has taken hold of it. Alas, for you and your ilk, there is no redemption, just continued bitterness and decay.