Friday, March 3, 2017

The Realist Report with John Friend 2/22/2017

John was joined once again by Martin Hill of Martin is an activist, a blogger, and an independent investigator who is perhaps most famous for publicly confronting Donald Trump about the “dancing Israelis” arrested on the day of 9/11, a topic we discussed at length during our last conversation. Martin and John started off by talking about his recent travels in Europe and some of the recent articles published on, including one which highlighted an interview he conducted with Bruce Leichty, a Southern California-based lawyer and mutual friend who represented the righteous revisionist and historian Ernst Zundel as well as 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani.
They moved on to analyze President Donald Trump and the actions he’s taken in his first month in office. They also discussed the wide array of political and media actors, including the radical left, the organized Jewish community, the jew controlled mass media and top Republican leaders, working to undermine Trump’s agenda. They reviewed the many Jewish connections to President Trump and his administration, Trump’s ostensible support for Israel, and related matters.
Below are relevant links for this program:
Show Notes: Martin Hill on ‘The Realist Report’ with John Friend
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  • Donald Trump advocating open borders in CNN Op-Ed? Read it yourself!
  • Neo-Nazis Cheer After Trump Shuts Down Jewish Reporter Over anti-Semitism Question – Haaretz
  • Despite White House statement, Jewish groups call on Trump to condemn JCC bomb threats, anti-Semitism – Jewish Telegraph Agency
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    *9-11 Fast and Furious
    *The Holocaust Hoax Mega-post
    *The Criminal Conspiracy to Genocide Whites 
    *The most epic mic drop speech destroying Black Lives Matter
    *Are The Police Racist? 
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