Monday, July 11, 2016

The Illegal Arms Trade is Being Run by Washington and CIA

As it has been repeatedly noted by American analysts, US politicians and journalists are working hand in hand to conceal their crimes and “horrors” from their fellow citizens. Therefore it’s not an easy job to find any confirmation regarding such “horrors” imposed by Washington across the globe “in the name of the greater good for Americans.” US political elites have learned from the experience of broadcasting the events of the Vietnam War that they must disguise all unpleasant facts from the eyes of the American public. Since that moment on, the broadcast of “horrors” is strictly prohibited in the United States, therefore the media has no chance of making public the true nature of the bloody massacres committed by American during various wars. Even the images of the bodies of fallen American soldiers being brought back home from wars abroad are strictly prohibited in public media space.
Meanwhile, the CIA keeps selling weapons to various terrorist groups in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and other states, which has been repeatedly mentioned by Western media sources.
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