Monday, March 6, 2017

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt 3/5/2017

Robert and John Friend of The Realist Report discussed  many important topics.

Incendiary Radio Archive


*Criminal Conspiracy to Genocide Whites
*George Soros is Funding the Protests 
*9-11 Fast and Furious


Drew Carter said...

Thanks Whooli, for providing this content.

Just a suggestion: This show is mostly talk radio audio which fits normally into 10 megs for a 2 hour show.

It took Me almost an hour to download the show here in Canada: (350 megs approx).

If the show was down converted, it would save You on server space and make it easier to download for us listeners.

I can help with the software needed to convert the audio.

Just trying to help, I'm really not trying to be a pain in the ass. Honest.

I love all You do for Us Whooli, I'm just trying to make it easier for Us and You.

Thanks, Drew

WHOOLI said...

Drew, I will start dropping the quality. The issue for me has been the added time it takes to drop file bit rates on top of downloading files, combining them, editing them, host uploading them and making a blog post for them.

1melahat said...

Drew, It sounds like a Internet connection issue or something going on that's choking your download speed. I use one of the popular multi-threading download apps that utilize up to 6 connection threads at once to attain around 6 Mb/s so it takes 1 minute for 360Mb. I always prefer the highest quality because I play everything at 3X playback speed so I can get through it faster and makes people sound smarter!
incendiary Radio has the most commercials of any show I've ever heard and if Whooli didn't remove all of them I'd be pulling my hair out fast forwarding every two seconds. You're the best Whooli!