Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Realist Report with John Friend 3/14/2017

John Friend was joined by Mike King of the one and only, one of the top independent media outlets operating today. They begin by discussing fake news, fake events, and some of the features of his website, such as the The Anti-New York Times (which you should be subscribing to!), as well as some of the books he has written, including his most recent book entitled, I Don’t Like Ike: The Story of Globalist Socialist Dwight Eisenhower That Stephen Ambrose Didn’t Tell You.
They also discussed the recent decision by to literally ban “Holocaust denial” books from being sold on their platform, including Mike’s epic masterpiece The Bad War. Next, they addressed the origins of the fake “Holocaust” story and the sinister forces who endlessly promote and perpetuate what has accurately been described as “the biggest and most persistent lie in history” by Ursula Haverbeck, a courageous German woman who has been persecuted and jailed for publicly stating her well-founded opinions. They analyzed the recent “anti-Semitic” attacks and threats countless Jewish organizations and institutions have allegedly received in recent weeks, and conclude by addressing President Donald Trump and his proclaimed America First agenda. Will he really put America first, especially when it comes to foreign policy?         Show-page

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t brad said...

most people don't know that john friend said on air with keith and mike on tut show (which they scrubbed after the fact) back a few years ago that all three of them said they want all people over 40 to be dead. many of us heard them say it. john will deny saying it with an attitude, but you can't un-say or un-hear what was done. I hope imma around when he turns 40 to see what he has to say then. suicide will be his only option if he is true to his word.

WHOOLI said...

I wish you had the full audio so we could judge it by its full context. Also I would guess that Mike and Keith were both over 40 yrs old.

t brad said...

hey whooli;
when that show aired i did go back through their archives and looked and re-looked a few days then it was scrubbed. i don't think mike and keith were 40 yet....they might me now, its been several years (wonder if they're still alive or did they choose suicide instead of going over 40). all 3 of them were saying that the millennials would save the u.s. and that all the people over 40 was the whole cause of the shit we're in now. like i said...many people heard it that night. some of us were chatting about it in other chat rooms the next day and two. bring it up to him...he will go postal lol. he will also remember me calling him out on it. if/when ya chat with him next ask him how many years now til he reaches 40 and whats he gonna do when he does. i would love to hear his answer.

Jeff D said...

It was was when Yonnie the Jew muzzy sub for fetch during the oracle days. And John was is in hour number 2. Don't remember what John said but I remember he was pissed at the chatroom