Monday, April 3, 2017

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt 4/2/2017

Robert discussed many important topics.

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*Criminal Conspiracy to Genocide Whites
*George Soros is Funding the Protests 
*9-11 Fast and Furious


Dr Teresa Avila said...

F-ing UGLY satanic Jews

Dr Teresa Avila said...

Satanic Shumar needs to hang for treason

Dr Teresa Avila said...

Yes Levin the UGLY Jew is CIA Mossad controlled opp

Dr Teresa Avila said...

John Ashcroft DISGUSTING beast of the field Masonic goy GOAT

Dr Teresa Avila said...

Elon Musk what a fucking UGLY Jew idiot.

Drew Carter said...

Many of You have asked: "why don't I trust Mr. Volt"? .. His agenda - talking about God sitting on Trump's shoulder becomes clearer now. Each week, Mr. low voltage watches Alex Jones, and then tells Us what We should think about him. If I wanted to watch or listen to Alex .. I would .. but I grew up many years ago.

Mr. Volt and Alex are a team, nice work. As Alex says: don't worry about the civilians killed in the Missile attack, it's all about leverage with China, and Trump is still our guy.

When and "if" We find out who this ex marine, who happily wasted brown people in Sudan, but has had an amazing Epiphany - really is - His "agenda" will become more evident. But if You step outside his box - His agenda is pretty clear right now.