Friday, April 28, 2017

The Realist Report with John Friend 4/25/2017

John was joined once again by Alfred Schaefer, a courageous activist, thinker, and revisionist who has been persecuted in Germany as a result of his intellectual and political pursuits. They discussed some of Alfred’s recent activities and speaking engagements. They addressed the persecution of political dissidents and “Holocaust” revisionists throughout Europe, including Horst Mahler, a German revisionist who has fled the country rather than accept yet another prison term, and Ursula Haverbeck, a righteous German woman whose case I detailed in an article published by American Free Press. Alfred gave his take on fake history, the “Holocaust” industry and the anti-White agenda it advances, and President Donald Trump, who is increasingly disappointing and outright betraying his supporters.

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Don Damore said...

Perhaps it's best that I comment after I've listened.

But I will comment on what I've seen and heard previously of Alfred Schaefer. in my opinion one of the best truth-tellers we got.

I'm hoping a significant number working in the German democratic state i;e "government" also believe he's a valuable truth-teller.

Google "London Forum" on you-tube, scroll down 20 or 30 guests and you'll find Alfred.

Alfred S is his you-tube account.

Don Damore said...

PS: I forgot to mention, the video quality of the London Forum video is not great. But audio is fine.