Friday, April 7, 2017

Who gassed the Syrian children?

Here it comes again. As the enemies of peace continue to pressure a new US President into deeper war commitments overseas, and as Washington's Deep State works relentlessly opposing Russian moves in Syria at every turn, the war drums have started again - beating harder than ever now, clamouring for a new US-led attack on Syria. This morning we saw the familiar theme emerge, and just in time to provide a convenient backdrop to this week's Brussels' 'Peace Talks' and conference on "Syria's Future".  -Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire

After campaigning consistently against the endless, neocon wars made possible by the terror attacks of 9-11-2001, President Trump is allowing himself to be railroaded into toeing the neocon agenda of perpetual war "for perpetual peace".  What was one of the first things President Trump did in office?  His new budget gives the military 54 billion new federal dollars.  This is to a military budget that is already insanely over funded.
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Drew Carter said...

I hope Mr. Volt is happy that God is sitting on Donald Trump's shoulder now. What a joke, anyone who for a second thought that "Trump" was "our guy" really needs to examine themselves.