Monday, May 15, 2017

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt 5/14/2017

Pat Privilege discussed many important topics as he filled in for Robert Reyvolt.

Incendiary Radio Archive


*Criminal Conspiracy to Genocide Whites
*George Soros is Funding the Protests 
*9-11 Fast and Furious


t brad said...

why is it robert sounds like he's belching every other word when he talks?? where the hell does a person pick up that stupid habit? hello urp! people urp! welcome to the burp! show erp! i mean

WHOOLI said...

t brad, It is a genius level acquirement.

Drew Carter said...

Robert wasn't hosting tonight, Pat Privilege was the host. Pat did a great job! It was so refreshing to hear Patrick Jordan say what He had to say without Dennis Fetcho calling him a liar, and b.s., and crap, and .. over and over - as happened on BB9's broadcast. When someone calls You a liar, and bullshit artist, over and over without offering any proof - that's why I'm not a Dennis Fetcho fan. Dennis could have come on air and debated Clint and Patrick, but He chose to stay in the shadows and just yell: "liar, liar pants on fire" ..Bye Dennis!

Dennis Fetcho said...

Hey Drew - WHO THE HELL is Patrick Privilege? Do I know this guy? And to those who know me - when have you EVER heard me bringing up people's names on air to out right call them a liar or otherwise trash people on air?

And what BB9 show are you even talking about? I have done ONE - and that was about the Jewish Question/Problem. I doubt seriously I would have wasted the short time I have bringing up Reyvolt.

And further, WHAT do I have to debate with Clint? He has made a couple appearances on ITEL and been given a very fair and open forum to express his ideas, and never have I gone out to try to diminish Clint in anyway. Why should I?

For the record, I have no idea who Patrick Privilege is. But I am happy to hear that someone out there is giving me some well deserved publicity, even if it is bad publicity.

Tim said...

had to turn the radio off after couple of minutes

ps drew, when ya lie make sure the person ya lying about isn;t there to call ya out on ya BS LOL

TheFetch said...

Sorry Drew - thought Patrick Privilege was the one popping off. You are saying it is Patrick Jordan? OK - I give. Who the hell is Patrick Jordan?

Patrick Jordan and Patrick Privilege. Don't know either of them. Did either of them pop off about me in the past and get some fleeting attention long ago forgotten?

Are you pulling everyone's leg to try to peddle this and get some extra listens?

TheFetch said...

Yeah Tim - the tonal quality of the production was a bit difficult...

Drew Carter said...

For anyone who listened to this broadcast:

I ask anyone who was in the chat room that night if they saw Dennis calling Clint and Patrick liars for their version of what Jews are?

If You say that Dennis didn't call them liars and BS artists, then I am not the liar!

It is My fault for not archiving the chatango discussion. Fetch did You or did You not call Clint and Patrick liars that evening? If You say NO, then I am not the liar here.

I don't have any listeners, Fetch - so No I'm not padding that!

Clint and Patrick Jordan went through a methodical history of the letter "j" and what exactly is a "Jew"!

All I saw on the screen that night was Fetch calling both Patrick and Clint liars for their version of History! If Dennis denies this now, there is absolutely "nothing" I can say!

Drew Carter said...

Although there are zero links to the chatango podcast .. there is this email that I sent out that same evening.. if anyone needs it to check the time stamp or whatever.. I have it: I was very upset that evening - as Frederick and I had worked behind the scenes to create the show! When the show happened this was what I sent out:

Let Me say first, thank You Frederick for having this show!

You guys can't see the chat .. thank god.

Dennis Fetcho (who I used to respect) is in the chat now .. disagreeing with every comment You guys make.

As I pointed out.. neither of You were in the chat .. tearing apart every comment that Fetch made - in the first hour. I hope Dennis had fun, He exposed his "nature" in this radio show!

BB9's community (42 people in the chat at one time) .. are being told every thing You two say is "B.S." by Dennis, who tells these lemmings what they "want" to hear.

This whole thing is B.S. ... I'm glad the listeners can't see the chat - it's total crap!

BB9 has no control over the chat, but having Fetch give "His version of Jews" in the first hour, and then having him stay on and try to debunk every comment that You two make is just plain B.S.

I'm sorry that I got You two involved in this debacle.

I was hoping this show would open a few minds, but this format is not designed to open minds, it was set up to have Dennis Fetcho .. give his version of "truth" .. and then tear apart anyone who disagrees with Him.

If Clint was on a radio show and gave his version of the "truth", and then stayed in a chat to debunk, or make fun of every comment the next guest made I wouldn't think too much of Clint or Patrick.

The above just illustrates why I find the alternative media such B.S.!

Goodbye Dennis, You are the "Trollslayer" indeed.

Sorry, Guys!

Dated: December 07, 2016! If You'd like this email forwarded to You to prove time stamp or veracity, feel free!

Drew Carter said...

I've been around to see Kennedy get offed, the fake moon landing.. No-one has ever called Me a liar before. Good Work Tim, do You know anything about the broadcast? I thought not!

TheFetch said...

Oh - geez Drew. That was one of the worst hours of radio I ever heard. It was not a great effort by Clint and the guy with Clint was just atrocious.

So this is the guy that was with Clint that night?


I still don't know the guy. I just remember that it was a pretty terrible and embarrassing effort. Painful.

Your implying here that I called these people "LIARS" though, is just bullshit. Disagreed in full. But calling them "LIARS"? Never crossed my mind. That would presume that I believed they actually KNEW what they were talking about and then WILLFULLY misled the audience.

I was nowhere near that impressed.

Let them improve their efforts instead of thrashing out at the audience, of which I was one, also. I guess as a member of the audience I am not entitled to an opinion?

That is nice to hear. Pretty pathetic from where I come from, but hey, when you can't make a cogent point, I guess it is better to have a docile audience.

And no, I am far from hiding. I found their presentation not even remotely professional enough to even be considered for a segment on Inside the Eye - Live!

It has been a tough week for me Drew, you are the second long time listener and supporter to let me know they are finished with me.

Growing pains.

TheFetch said...

One other thing, Drew.

Your characterization that somehow the show was "set-up" for me to present my version of "truth" is also not even remotely true or linked to the reality of what went down.

I was not even supposed to go on live that night, but was supposed to provide a pre-recorded segment for the second hour.

I only tuned in because it was like 3:30 am or so here in Riyadh, my research was such that I did not feel confident enough to put together a pre-recorded segment, and I did not want to accidentally doze off and leave Frederick hanging by not showing.

Drew Carter said...

As for people not being professional enough to be on Your broadcast! I pointed this out earlier, one of the reasons I love Deanna Spingola: She has never had and NEVER will have James Fetzer on Her show! Something You have no problem with, I rest My case - there has never been a bigger liar, or more divisive person in the alternative media. Dream on Dennis, Your show is anything but "Quality"!

Thanks for proving Me to not be a liar! You were obviously "unhinged" by the broadcast and still are. Thanks for confirming that!


TheFetch said...

Drew - Inside the Eye - Live! is the number one weekly show on a network with over 83 hosts. We have LOTS of listeners and these listeners request guests all the time.

What does Spingola have to do with Inside the Eye - Live!?

We are barely in the same information/entertainment space.

You've totally lost it.

In case your extensive memory eludes you, you are the one that had to remind me of that show. I would NEVER have linked your comments back to that show. This guy left ZERO real impression on me, and that impression still hovers around ZERO.

I am so disinterested, I am not even going to waste my time listening to what the guy has to say about me. It is pointless.

However, for anyone in the audience reading along.

Drew misleads here: the theme of that show was supposed to be about THE JEWISH QUESTION, and these guys went off on some tangent that was way off the intended mark.

I maintain that it was not Clint's best performance and he is usually pretty good. People are entitled to have off nights. You go out there and do your best every time but sometimes it just isn't working.

I trust the lack of a quality effort was partially due to the guest pairing.

But hey. That is what archives are for. These guys got to share their ideas for an hour. Nobody confronted them on air to debunk them.

Feel free to give it a listen.

Drew Carter said...

What Deanna has to do with this topic? "Integrity" something lacking in much of current alternative media! It's pretty obvious that Mr. Fetcho is still upset about the show, that was My only point. Thanks Dennis!

TheFetch said...

Inside the Eye - Live! Intelligent Media for the Politically Aware.

My hour on the Jewish Question on the show that Drew is all worked up about -

t brad said...

spingola sold out with sandy hook nose....nuff said

Tim said...

@ drew are you secretly linthey? or just having your period?

Drew Carter said...
"What Deanna has to do with this topic? "Integrity" something lacking in much of current alternative media! It's pretty obvious that Mr. Fetcho is still upset about the show, that was My only point. Thanks Dennis!"

looking at the coversation here you're the one who is 'upset', just cause someone disagrees with your favorite radio host.

fetch just made a point that he did;t have this show in mind when making comments , yet you try to point exactly that onto him, cnn much....?

putin didn;t tell fetch to eat your homework LOL