Monday, June 19, 2017

Spingola Speaks 6/17/2017

Deanna's guest was Clint Richardson.
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ExposingZionistEvil said...


Talk about living-in-the-past.

Mrs. Spingola, if you NEVER take my advice on anything, please take THIS: people are not interested in hearing about shit that happened CENTURIES, ago, because they already know all that they want, AND NEED, to know about that shit. What you have need(ed) to do, but for whatever reason, incessantly fail(ed) to do, IS DEAL WITH SHIT THAT IS HAPPENING IN THE HERE-AND-NOW...PRESENT DAY AND TIME.

Understanding the past IS important, but what you have been doing, FOR YEARS, is super-saturating the audience with information that they either ALREADY KNOW, or, much worse, still, KEEPING THEM OCCUPIED FROM KNOWING ABOUT CRITICALLY-IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND EVENTS, HAPPENING RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

How about doing a segment of a program of yours on something like THIS?!:

I have said, openly and publicly, what needs to be said, and has been needed to be said, for far too long.

That is that.


ExposingZionistEvil said...

I need to qualify-my-post, because there is a reason why I am so critical...

Mrs. Deanna Spingola is a highly-intelligent woman, whom I would even call "brilliant". Her talent, and air-time, I believe is being wasted on things that have already been covered, IN-DEPTHLY, multiple times, by her, and by so, so many others.

She has only a very short amount of time, once commercial-time is subtracted, to give the listening-audience the material that she wants to present. It is my very strong belief that her limited time, and large audience, would be much more beneficial dealing with critically-important things that are happening, now, because things have NEVER been more fucking nuts, than they are in this current period--this is like bat-shit-level of crazy, as you all know.

The Russian Federation has openly-said that "The West" has created, funded, trained, organized, defended, and orchestrated, these terrorists, among many other earth-shattering revelations, for just one example. I can go on and on and on, but for sake-of-brevity, you all know that my point has been made.


Erik Paul said...

The above poster obviously didn't listen to Deanna's excellent interview with the brilliant Clint Richardson. This is the kind of vital cutting-edge information that can greatly assist us in navigating these treacherous (((waters))).