Monday, June 5, 2017

The Realist Report with John Friend 6/4/2017

John was joined once again by Carolyn Yeager. Carolyn discussing her recent article Jews, Israel push to ban alternative views of Holocaust on Internet. They addressed the manner in which Jews constantly organize and agitate to shut down and even criminalize dissenting points of view. They also addressed the concept of “anti-Semitism,” which Jews frame as any perspective contrary to Jewish interests as well as making basic, factual statements about Jews, their destructive, anti-White agenda, and their power and influence in the world. They also discussed a Trump rally I attended yesterday in Orange County, the issues important to the pro-White movement, the concept of “White sharia”, and related matters.     Show-page

*9-11 Fast and Furious
*The Holocaust Hoax Mega-post
*The Criminal Conspiracy to Genocide Whites 
*The most epic mic drop speech destroying Black Lives Matter
*Are The Police Racist? 


Dr Teresa Avila said...

Thats because Jews print money out of thin air and we value thin air

Dr Teresa Avila said...

show people Babylon Talmud quotes and books about sex with 2 and 3 years old babies i their religion, show them quotes about satan being their god, videos from Texe Mars are good, also videos about black slave trade was Jews. Get ALL races on board with the facts. EVERYONE has been affected by Jew crimes

Rosenthal says, "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer...and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive."

"Too many Jews do not have the guts to tell you how we live and plan, but I am not intimated by anything or anyone," Rosenthal told White.

"It is too late for your Christian followers to put up a defence. That time is long past. Long, long ago we had to become the aggressors! That is undoubtedly one of our great purposes in life. We are aggressors!"

The Protocols Of Zion - Updated
The Harold Rosenthal Interview

Jewish Role in the Black Slave Trade

The Jewish role in the African Slave Trade - A novel by walker white jr part 1

The Jews and Their Lies - Antichrist Religion of the Jews - Synagogue of Satan

Are the Jews a Religion.., or Primarily a Race ??!!

The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview (1976) audiobook - murdered 30 days after this interview

Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech

Texe Marrs - Khazar DNA & the Great Serpent

Dr Teresa Avila said...

Andrew Anglin is an (((UGLY))) monkey JEW thats why he degrades women.

Dr Teresa Avila said...

Andrew Anglin is a JEWWWW thats why he's so short and (((UGLY))) LOLLL He's controlled opp

Dr Teresa Avila said...

Shes exactly right...white people live pagan selfish lifestyle thats why this world is the way it is. Whites have bought into EVERY idea, philosophy, brand, product, porn, pagan selfish concept Jews push. If MEN were better women would have a better place to raise family. MEN have destroyed the family with their greedy selfish interests.