Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nick Spero & Brendon O'Connell 7/22/2017

*9-11 Fast and Furious
*The New Babylon Those who reign supreme - free PDF

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ExposingZionistEvil said...

I do not want to hear anything from Idiot o'Connell. The guy was given the opportunity to live his life in-peace, and without-fear-of-arrest and -of-persecution, YET, what does this fucking trouble-maker and idiot do? He gives some bullshit excuse about Iran not being what he expected, or some such nonsense, and goes-back to INEVITABLY find himself in more trouble, and promise-of-arrest.

Fuck this glutton-for-punishment, People. There is something GENUINELY wrong with him, mentally, and this fucking idiot only wants to suffer, so I say fuck it, and let him suffer in the police-state of Australia, as he truly wants.