Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Case Against LBJ with Ted Midward

Ted discussed the theory that LBJ was behind the assassination of President Kennedy.  The evidence of him being one of the major conspirators is overwhelming.  Ted knows, because he just read 400 pages about it over the past few weeks, not to mention at least 10 hours of documentaries regarding the matter.  At first glance, he quickly scoffed at the notion of LBJ being the guilty party.  Many hours of reading later, he no longer scoffs.  There’s a very good case to be made, and he encourages you to dig in for yourself.  This is just an introduction to the matter.  There’s no way he can do justice to the topic on a 120-minute recording.
The Kennedy boys were not saints, either.  But Ted believes John’s presidency would’ve been much more benign for the country instead of LBJ’s blood-soaked reign of corruption.  Whether Jewish or not, LBJ deserves to be recognized and remembered as the unscrupulous animal that he was.
Judge a man by his fruit and the company he keeps.  When you look at LBJ, what do you see?

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