Wednesday, January 24, 2018


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The Truth said...

The problem is Jews control the narrative and people allow them to stay on their talking points. Don’t get stuck in their ditch and talk about their talking points. Jews NEVER discuss anything they don’t want to discuss, they always side step what they don’t want to address. We need to do same tactics with them EVERY TIME just like they do to us. What “IS US” is addressing the root problem and solving the real problem. That “IS who we are.” So, that means addressing Jewish banker domination in every country. Jewish bankers kick people out of their homelands to steal land, resources. Jewish bankers, fraudsters famine entire countries, leave people destitute. “Who WE are???” WE solve problems, WE address the real problems and why “DACA,” why “immigrants,” why “refugees” is because Jews are stealing their homelands. ALWAYS turn EVERY Jew talking point back on them, NEVER address their talking points. Follow their same protocols and don’t get stuck in their ditch. “We have values,” we address the REAL problems, let’s get to work. They want to use our values as a weapon, so use our values as a weapon back on them. Jews want to get us stuck in a moral quandary debate. So, use the moral values card back at them and say we have values and we will take care of this problem refugees and immigrants have with Jewish banking land thieves, because WE CARE! Don’t get stuck in a debate about how much you hate immigrants or browns or blacks, take the argument, spin it back on them with our values that we care about humanity and this problem needs to be solved for ALL lands, ALL people. When you get stuck in hatred of races, you stay in the loop THEY created for the dumb. Don’t get stuck in their loop, we will solve this Jewish land theft problem, that is what needs to be done...why? Because we have values, that is who we are. Get it?!