Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dual Loyalist + Hate Charges = Precedent

While the deck is stacked against defendants in U.S. courts, the system of Israeli jurisprudence is light years beyond that. The accused is guilty until proven innocent and much of the law is based on old British law as it existed in the Palestinian Mandate before 1948. Jewish religious teachings do not recognize the testimony of non-Jews as having any legal merit. Torture is frequently employed in Israeli prisons. Prisoners can spend several years waiting for trial. The defenders appointed for non-Jewish prisoners are often incompetent, intimidated or “suicidal.” Convictions can result in the death penalty for non-Jews–something anti-death-penalty advocates in the West don’t seem at all troubled by. And, even if acquitted by miracle in some higher Israeli appeals court, the defendant can be threatened and have the remainder of his life ruined by vindictiveness, as in the case of Demjanjuk. There is no protection against double jeopardy in Israel!
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