Sunday, July 1, 2018

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 7/1/2018

Paul English – The Greatest War In History Now On ! – Part 2

 Part 1 found here

Andrew and Paul discussed: the background to the pamphlet, “The Greatest War In History Now On,” originally published 80 years ago in 1937; Captain Henry Hamilton Beamish’s claim that we are now in a war determining whether White Men will rule their countries or Jews will rule their countries; Captain Beamish’s observations that Jews are actively agitating for another war; Theodore N. Kaufman’s assertion in his book, “Germany Must Perish,” that all Germans must be sterilized; how and why Lord Kitchener was murdered; the caste system in India; how you must first know your subject, and then have the moral courage to say so; how the British legal system purports to be run by the British for the British but is not; how their is always room for repentance and redemption; and many other topics. Click Here For The PDF Of, “The Greatest War In History Now On!”


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